7 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Wedding Photographer

Your Wedding is a life event and one which you want to remember forever. 


Many couples start to plan their day by choosing a venue, booking some entertainment, then perhaps you need a car, of course there must be flowers, and most importantly the dress! But then there's the question of a photographer, but by this time you may already feel you have spent so much. It's understandable you might think about cutting costs.

However, when it comes to capturing your wedding day don't be tempted by a friend with love of amateur photography or a relative with an expensive camera who offer to do it for free.



Here are at least 7 very good reasons why you should book a professional wedding photographer!


No.1 There is more to photography than an expensive camera 

Just because someone has a hobby or an interest in something doesn't make them an expert. It takes hours of experience, knowledge, skill and creativity to be able to shoot a wedding. A professional photographer works intuitively, they understand how to use the light, how to deal with different conditions and they rely on their creativity to capture not just one or two great shots but hundreds of beautiful images.


No.2  Do you need more stress?

How can you be certain that your friend knows what they are doing?  Will they know what shots to take and how will they know where to be and when?  Are you going to be left second guessing whether they are capturing everything that you want and those things which you haven't even thought about? 

A professional photographer understands the flow of the day and they can anticipate what will happen at each stage, and for those unexpected moments they will right there to capture it. They prepare meticulously, visiting the venues, scouting for the perfect locations, checking the light at every part of the day, and helping the couple to organise their plans so that there is enough time for those precious Bride & Groom images. 

When a photographer says that they shoot in a natural or documentary style it doesn't mean they leave things to chance.


No.3  Feeling Comfortable in Front of the Camera

This may be an alien concept but it IS possible to feel comfortable in front of the camera, even if it takes a little getting used to and a good photographer uses their intuition and skill to quickly build up trust with the people they are photographing. Whether it's an action shot, a group photo or capturing more intimate moments, a professional should always make it feel natural, not awkward - not just for you but for your family and guests too.

My feel good moment is when at the end of the day the bride and groom tell me how much they've loved having me there, how much fun they've had and how relaxed I've made everyone feel.



No.4  Back up plan

Being a professional photographer means always having a Plan B, Plan C and a minor miracle up a sleeve if required. if the worst happened and they are ill then a professional will always have a list of other colleagues they can call on at the last minute. They have multiple cameras, insurance, back ups of back ups of files and an obsessive eye for detail - after all it's their reputation on the line too.


No.5  Beautifully Edited Images

Not everyone realises how much time and creativity goes into post editing your photographs. It's true that it's far better to capture the image well in the camera but the editing process give your photographs that beautiful finish that often distinguishes a professional shot from an amateur one.

Together with the original composition of the captured shot, the careful selection and subtle adjustment of individual images is what defines a photographer's style. It's what turns your wedding photographs into a coherent and elegant collection rather than a confusing file of moderately good and desperately awful pictures! 


No.6 Love to have an Album

Not everyone wants or can afford to order a wedding album so you may decide to make you're own. No amount of designing and reorganising will help if you have poor quality images and they will always let it down. 


No.7  You only have one shot at it

There are no repeats of your special day and there's only one chance to capture it all so you need to have confidence in your photographer.

After the wedding all you have are your memories and the photos of the two of you with all of your friends and family celebrating your very special day. Make sure the photographs do it justice and are a true picture of your memories. Every time you look at them in the future they should make you feel happy all over again, not regret that you didn't book a professional.


You Choose...

But if you have to reduce the budget and save here and there, will anyone notice a slightly smaller cake, a few less accessories or a missing magician, after all you don't keep these forever. You're wedding photographs on the other retell the story endlessly and do it with love x