#International Women's Day

Here’s to the women...

photographing on weekends, and working 9-5’s on weekdays,

...reading lighting tutorials and asking marketing questions.

...trying, and failing, and trying again.

...who aren’t satisfied to sit on their sofas and watch other people’s stories unfold.

Here’s to the women who want to write their own stories.
— Anne Simone

Today,  on International Women's Day, I have been liking, sharing and commenting on many of the inspirational messages, posts and stories I have seen all over social media to try and connect with other women on some level, to show my support. 

Whilst scrolling through my emails I happened upon a message from ShootProof, the software designer I use for my client galleries and the kind of email I'm normally 'too busy' to read. But this time I opened it and found myself clicking on the link and reading the blog. 

For the next 20 minutes I sat here at my kitchen table and read the words and watched the video clips of women photographers talking about what they do and why they do it....and what inspires them everyday, to keep trying, and failing, and trying again. 

As I scrolled through the blog post I wondered on face value whether these women were really like me but as I carried on reading uplifting quotes and listening to the films, the words of these women began to resonate with me.  I suddenly and inexplicably felt empowered and proud of my achievements (and failures) and I was inspired to fight on and to chase my dreams.

I felt a connection, that elusive element which I constantly search for in my own photography, with my clients.

To quote the title of the blog...

Women Photographers Are Changing the World, One Connection At A Time
— by Anne Simone

I hope you find your connection...x

See the full post here...on the ShootProof blog

photo:Leslie Kershaw